Orienteering on Madison Cascades Trail

If you like orienteering, try this with your compass.  This course follows the Madison Cascades trail so don’t follow a direction that leads you off the trail.  This is for those who want to practice orienteering.  It is not a bushwhacking trail for experts.  Practice determining the distance of your “pace”.  Train it to be 5 feet and your life will be easier. I used FEET for distances not steps or paces.

Good luck!

In front of the Madison Historical Society building there is a commemorative plaque.  Look to the left and see a hiking trail sign and stand near it.

On a compass bearing of—-degrees: Go this many feet: To a:
100 125 Guest book
112 200 Base of a rise.  Stop and look north to see an old well
112 45 Ash tree on your left
162 265 Through low pines to a huge white pine
120 225 Down hill, cross a brook, stop as trail bears right. Look left, see 5” diameter beech tree
180 200 Pile of rocks on left of trail
180 145 Descend to a double maple on RT
137 42 Bear left
95 250 4 white pines on RT
55-70 185-190 Up a small hill along a ridge to two white pines on L & R
70 160 Big white pine on RT with pinecones at the bottom
70 75 To upturned birch and White Pine
75-80 70 4 inch maple on RT with moss at the bottom
40-45 175 White pine with hiking symbol
60 124 Two inch hemlock on RT
28 108 3 inch hemlock on RT
80 25 24 inch red pine on RT
80 110 6 inch balsam fir
120 185 Pine with hike symbol on the RT
Descend RT to cascades
87 85 White pine on left
65 40 Red painted boundary tree BARBED WIRE
105 20 Double hemlock
260 125 Back to where trail descends to cascades

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