Lead Mine Road in Winter

Parking in winter is always an issue.   You are probably not allowed to park on East Shore Drive.   You might be able to push your way onto LMR.  The other end of LMR has more options for parking.  The whole road is about 1.2 miles.   As of the 2007 Town Meeting it was designated as a class V road to summer cottages.  This allowed the designation to conform to the practice of not maintaining it in the winter.  The road is shared by snowmachines, snowshoers, cross country skiers, and hikers.  There are trails off the main road including a trail to Winter Road, a loop around Goodwin Bog, a path to Cook’s Pond, a power line, and several other paths.  The actual Lead Mine is a deep hole in the ground with steep sides filled with water which can be dangerous.

Remember to leave your hiking plan with someone including your anticipated time of return.


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