Welcome to the Madison Trails website. This site was originally developed in 2008 to complement a trail map prepared by the Madison Elementary School’s Wellness Committee with grant funding provided by the HNH Foundation.

This website is a volunteer project by Madison community members, with technical support from the Madison Library, trail information was provided by School Board Member Ray O’Brien and the Madison Conservation Commission. Madison Library and Madison Conservation Commission share website costs.

We’re looking for people to help out by providing coordinates for GPS systems, sharing photographs of hikes along the trails, and helping to update the maps and the website.


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    1. madisonhiker

      The Ward Parcel is a great winter hike with snowshoes. Parking is ample behind the Town Hall. I’ve done it three times this winter.

  1. madisonhiker

    I snowshoed on the East Shore Drive side of the LEAD MINE ROAD on February 27, 2010. Parking was sketchy and someone had tried to drive out there earlier. They were stuck, but got out. It left ruts that filled with water. After 200 yards, I took a left on a woods trail that parallels Lead Mine Rd because of a big wet area. It was peaceful, snowing, and the temps were in the low 30s. Had I continued past the wet area, it would have been fine since the road gain elevation, but those folks that were stuck were thrashing all around.

  2. Ray O'Brien

    The Goodwin Marsh Loop is a nice easy circuit around Goodwin Marsh on the south side of Lead Mine Road. If you want to make it a little longer try this. Start at the signed trail head as usual and go around the marsh in a clockwise direction. When you are on the west side of the marsh you will notice the land has been logged to your left (west). When you are about 75% of the way around the bog, you will notice where a skidder road comes close to the trail on your left. If you dare, proceed on that skidder road in a north westerly direction until you get on an established grass covered logging truck road that heads more northerly. Please respect the piece of private property on the left that you will pass when you are a few hundred feet from re-entering Lead Mine Road. Walk along the road easterly to your car.

  3. Ray O'Brien

    On October 9, 2010 a group of folks from Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Granite State College hiked the Madison Cascade Trail with Ray O’Brien following the compass course he laid out last spring. The 8 people got proficient at dialing in a compass bearing, turning to aim in that direction, and adjusting their pace to measure feet. They were able to orient themselves in a new place. One member particularly liked finding the marbles at various destinations.

  4. Ray O'Brien

    The snow is starting to melt, but there is still a lot on the trails. This past winter the students at Madison Elementary School got a lot of snowshoe practice on the Ward Parcel. Therefore it is packed and if you get out early you can still walk on top of the snow. Keep your snowshoes in the car just in case.


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