Wold Property

Wold Property view

The view to the east. Photo by David Riss

Trail information coming soon!

The Louise S. Wold Conservation Land is a 71 acre woodland located on Allard Hill Road on the east side of Madison, off Tasker Road. It was donated in 2004 by Mrs. Wold. A nice trail is accessed above the road side field from a parking lot in the northeast corner. There are two impressive scenic views on the lot. The trail is a bit challenging to follow sometimes but look for the next marker! Have fun in the forest!

View to the west

The view to the west. Photo by David Riss


2 thoughts on “Wold Property

  1. Anonymous

    I was wondering if mt. bikes are permitted on the conservation land? The sign at the trail head said no motorized traffic so I wanted to check about mt bikes. Thanks

    1. madisontrails Post author

      Good question, and thanks for asking. The Madison Conservation Commission Town Conservation Land and Easements Property Reports, which are available to read at the Madison Library, list the deed restrictions for the Wold Property, including “The primary use of the property shall be for educational and passive recreation activities such as hiking and snowshoeing.” Horseback riding is listed as not permitted, but no specific mention of mountain bikes. I will forward your question to the Conservation Commission.


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