Modock Hill Road

Take Colby Hill Road to the end and turn left on Modock Hill Rd to a Cul-de-sac.  Park here and proceed northwest on the discontinued portion of Modock Hill Rd. (sometimes spelled Modoc).  This class six road heads generally downhill over varied terrain: some wet areas some washed out ledge areas.  At about .8 mi the road bears right where there is a brook crossing.  At about .85 miles notice a cemetery on the right in the woods.  At just under a mile you arrive at Town Line Road where you could get picked up, or retrace your steps back to the driveable part of Modock Hill Road, or head south on the discontinued part of Town Line Road which leads to another cul-de-sac.  In the 1800’s and early 1900’s these were important roads to the farming communities in these rough lands.

Find it on a map.


4 thoughts on “Modock Hill Road

  1. Will

    I don’t believe I hiked Modock Hill RD, but I parked, and saw a trail up a hill.. Well it turned from a large hill to a small mountain.. i highly suggest this hike. it is located to the left of the parking area and tehre are some great views— especially of Eidelweiss. I will Hike Modock Hill RD soon enough.. What was this hill trail called?

    I also want to note; I manage the Silver Lake Railroad Website.. I will provide a link to this site on one of our pages… I’ve been looking for hiking trails in madison, but have only found a few– which all seem to be abandoned roads.

    Consider putting some sort of brochure on the bench at the SLRR depot, and let one of us at the SLRR know when you do.. It would help get the word out of these trails!

  2. Ray O'Brien

    That hike is really nice and good exercize too. I snowshoed there and the views in winter are also great. We printed a bunch of brochures when we did this project with the Health and Wellness committee at school. Go to the top of the page and click on Printable Guides. Then click on the Madison Hiking Trails Brochure. It takes a little time because it has pictures, color, and is formatted on 8.5 by 14. We went with what we had at the time and tried to list trails around town. There are more trails all around. There is a level trail north of the SLRR station about 3/4 mile where a logging road crosses the tracks. Go west and there is a network of wide trails.


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