Kyle’s Trail

View from Kyle's Path

Photo by Nora Cronin

  • Varies in distance
  • Easy to moderate
  • Park at sign on Albert Road off of Colby Hill Road (top of trail), or at White Mountain Hypnosis Center on Rte 113 (bottom of trail).

Gains elevation to ridge with views to south and west.

Find on map.

1 thought on “Kyle’s Trail

  1. Ray O'Brien

    I hiked on Kyle’s Trail today. When I passed the granite slabs I recalled when Kyle had his Eagle Court of Honor there over a decade ago. Kyle was a member of troop 150 in North Conway. For his eagle project he arranged with his music teacher to put a trail on the land for the public to enjoy. That was the start of the trail system that Mike and Penny Hathaway wanted to create and that has grown to the extensive set of trails that exist today between the Hypnosis Center, Colby Hill Rd. and Albert Rd.


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