Hurricane Point

Hurricane Point

  • 1/4 mile
  • Easy
  • Limited parking on East Shore Drive

Hurricane PointWalk on path to site where E. E. Cummings sought poetic inspiration. The Hurricane Point Trail is a short trail leading from East Shore Drive to the tip of Hurricane Point bordering Silver Lake. The land was donated to the town in 1971 by Frank Kennett Jr and A. Crosby Kennett. E.E. Cummings partially wrote his famous book, The Enormous Room, published in 1922, at his tree house that he created on the property.

Find on map.

Hurricane Point view

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Point

  1. Ray O'Brien

    Six year old Joey and I took the short hike to Hurricane Point during Old Home Week. The trail meanders around some fallen poplar trees to the point. Along the way is an old cellar hole. The actual foundation measures about 36 by 28 or so with one corner dug deeper as was the custom in those days. I will ask at the Historical Society who owned that house. It wasn’t ee cummings’ tree house.


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