3 thoughts on “Hoyt Sanctuary

  1. madisonhiker

    During Old Home Week the Conservation Commission, the Wellness Committee’s Hiking subcommittee and the Madison Recreation Department hiked with some interested citizens on the trails in the Hoyt Sanctuary. We saw many mushrooms and animal signs. There were signs of humans from many generations ago. A cellar hole had a pair of trees growing from the cellar floor which might have germinated 75 years ago. There must have been an active settlement there many years ago when the hydro-powered mill was sawing logs.

  2. madisonhiker

    Park at the sign at the corner of 153 and Horseleg Hill Rd. Head uphill to the right to the yellow path and notice old cellar holes on the right. Bear left and you are walking on the top of an esker formed 10,000 years ago. Red trail leaves on the right and descends to a brook. We saw many signs of disturbed surface along here, but not violently disturbed like a bear would do. Speaking of do, there were droppings along the way. Lo and behold, in the distance through the trees there appeared a brigade of large eliptical dark shapes each with a head going forward and backward as they walked. I guess they were aliens.

  3. Elizabeth H Wood

    What a beautiful walk on July 16, 2016 along the Heath View trail and connecting with a ski trail overlooking the lake. I saw a great blue heron, lovely yellow flowers and pickerel weed, and canoers and kayakers.


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